Welcome to 'Next Step Retirement'.  Our vision integrates a Tops-Down / Bottoms-Up, one-on-one client marketing culture.  Next Step Retirement, builds FIDUCIARY relationships between Employers and Employees with Royal Fund Management, LLC dba Family Financial Retirement Systems, LLC.

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Are you an Individual or Employee interested in:

1. Retirement Asset and Income Planning Process?

  • Are you interested in: 

2. ERISA compliant 401(k) Advisory Account Management Program? (Maneuver™)

Are you a Plan Sponsor interested in: (Contact Us)

3. ERISA* Discretionary or Non-Discretionary Fiduciary Services to a plan?

  • ERISA Section 3(16) Plan-Level Investment Advice
  • ERISA Section 3(21) Model Portfolio Services
  • ERISA Section 3(38) Qualified Default Investment Alternative Services

* (ERISA) Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974